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chocolate creme liqueur


Premium extractions from real lemon

Our "CITREA" lemon liqueur takes the Limoncello experience to another level. Latin for "lemon", the name itself is a simple translation, however this liqueur is quite complex. We believe it represents the ultimate in lemon spirit, delivering the perfect balance of tangy sours, lasting zesty bitters and a light astringency with an overall mellow sweetness.

Pieces of Chocolate

Tart and Tasty

Lemon liqueur, commonly known as Limoncello, is traditionally  enjoyed as a chilled aperitif or digestif, because of its palate cleansing properties. Nowadays, lemon liqueur is also regularly enjoyed as a dessert ingredient, cocktail accent or a pure shot.

Taste wise, our "CITREA" lemon liqueur is the perfect blend of sweet and sour. The sourness of the lemon is balanced out by the sweetness of the sugar, together making it a deliciously tangy alcoholic treat.

To obtain maximum satisfaction from our "CITREA" Lemon Liqueur, ensure that it is chilled, then proceed to enjoy it neat or as the star ingredient in a spritz cocktail.


Recipe ideas

Enjoy this liqueur On the rocks, In a cocktail or as an ingredient.

In Australia only, our 'CITREA' lemon liqueur

is available online at Dan Murphy's