liqueur gift pack


about these unique liqueurs

This Luxe Brew Premium Liqueur Gift Pack contains 4 x 110ml samples of our most popular and unique liqueurs.


Premium Liqueur Gift Pack Contents: 

Sacred Grounds Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur - 110ml

  • We have created an authentic, world-class coffee liqueur. Bursting with the full flavour of freshly roasted Arabica coffee beans, extracted through a unique 48 hour cold brewing process. Enjoy over ice, in cocktails or in your favourite creations.

Citrea Lemon Liqueur - 110ml

  • Our "CITREA" lemon liqueur takes the Limoncello experience to another level. Latin for "lemon", the name itself is a simple translation, however this liqueur is quite complex. We believe it represents the ultimate in lemon spirit, delivering the perfect balance of tangy sours, lasting zesty bitters and a light astringency with an overall mellow sweetness.

Rumcha Spiced Rum Liqueur - 110ml

  • Our RUMCHA Liqueur is a creation born of our very own purely superb "Gunfire" Masala Chai Spiced Rum (premium-quality dark rum cold-infused with a custom Masala Spiced Chai blend) and genuinely cold-extracted black tea.

Acacia Wattleseed Liqueur - 110ml

  • Wattleseeds are the edible seeds of the Australian Acacia tree, a traditional and staple Aboriginal bush food. Dominant in notes of nutty and buttery roasted coffee, our "Acacia" liqueur will delight your senses. Perfect for adding a nutty depth and creaminess to your cocktails, or as a heart-warming shot.

Enjoy these liqueurs On the rocks, In a cocktail or as an ingredient.