If you enjoy flavoured coffee, then you will love our “Justin Metcalf World Barista Judge” range of flavoured raw sugars. Developed by coffee experts, our flavoured raw sugar is designed to work with, and compliment, your favourite coffee to offer a quality alternative to coffee syrup. This is true, unique innovation, and superior to even the best coffee syrups. Using high quality sun-golden raw sugar our sweet coffee flavourings contain No preservatives and No colours. Our sugar range also avoids the addition of foreign, competing and uncomplimentary acidic flavour notes that are common with sugar-based coffee syrups.

Fresh and nutty, with a true roasted hazelnut profile. This sugar contains no nuts, but close your eyes and you wouldn’t believe it. The flavour profile has been selected to honour the Italian love of the hazelnut. Great with milk-based coffees.

An authentic creamy vanilla. Round and smooth with a clean finish. Perfect to highlight fresh milky notes of a cappuccino or latte, or to ease the bitterness of a lower quality bean.

Caramel is a natural partner for coffee, and this is one of the greatest you will taste. Rich in notes of caramelised brown sugar, butter and condensed milk, our caramel sugar is the secret to a delicious caramel latte.

For use at the counter, and attractive to display, our 400g resealable can of Hazelnut Flavoured Raw Sugar suit any walk-up barista site. 


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