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The Mountain Water Process is performed in Veracruz, Mexico; and uses only pure water and a proprietary charcoal filtration method to remove the caffeine from coffee before roasting. The result is a 99.9 % caffeine free coffee with a tremendous amount of sweetness and balance.


This is a solid blend of coffees, sourced from distinctive regions of Africa and Asia. It has been carefully roasted, then ground and immediately packed into capsules. It is smooth yet robust in flavour with delicate fruit characteristics.


This is a high grade Costa Rican single-origin coffee, which produces a strong and rich infusion with floral and honey flavours. Superb cup characteristics show a crisp, clean, rounded and rich quality. A perfect single origin espresso.


From the land where coffee beans first grew wild, this wonderfully sweet coffee is bright and lively with refreshing citrus notes and a delicate floral finish. Hints of blueberry make this a real treat.

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This superb coffee has been roasted using beans from the hinterlands of Australia’s sub-tropical region. Carefully roasted, ground and immediately packed to bring you a smooth and well-rounded coffee, with bittersweet fruit notes that carry through with a rich chocolate finish.