Bartender Pouring Cocktail


Our master mixologists have spent many late nights with drink enthusiasts to develop this large selection of ready mix, full bar strength cocktails, meaning you need only shake, stir or pour over ice and serve.


The broad range of Luxe Brew bar quality, pre batched cocktails allow for bars, pubs and cafes to offer their cliental cocktail bar quality products, served quickly and easily, with minimal bar training required.


The addition of our measured cocktail jiggers or cocktail tap systems mean you can avoid over pours and wastage, giving accurate and consistent beverages serve after serve whilst also fully controlling your product costs.


We have done the hard work so you can keep it simple.

gunfire spice.jpg


21% ABV

gin blossom (3).png

Celebrating the Japanese cherry blossom, we have selected Luxe Brew’s “style 3” gin to accompany our unique and distinctive Sakura cherry blossom liqueur.

The delicate choice of botanicals in our “style 3” gin and a dash of lemon assist in accenting the subtle cherry, berry and rose flavour of our Sakura liqueur perfectly.

Enjoy this cocktail as a shaken martini or over ice topped with soda and garnish with a cherry.

Gin Blossom 750 (1) copy.png
Triple Blended Coffee Beans



12.5% ABV

espresso martini (1).png

Making a world class espresso martini takes time.

To make the cold brew base for this Classic cocktail, we expertly roast our hand selected Arabica coffee beans and  steep them for 48 hours to extract the rich full flavours.

Our “Sacred Grounds” coffee liqueur and “North Star” vodka are then combined with our cold brew coffee, and the additional hint of dark chocolate completes this masterpiece.

Shake with ice and serve in a martini glass.

Espr Martini 750 .png
Triple Blended Coffee Beans


21% ABV

whiskey sour.png

Our classic Whiskey Sour is a perfect balance of our premium whiskey merged with fresh zesty lemon juice and a hint of Australian sugar.
Shake vigorously to foam and serve in a rocks glass over ice .
Garnish with a fresh orange rind and a maraschino cherry.

Whiskey Sour 750 (1) copy.png
Triple Blended Coffee Beans


15% ABV

mojito NA.png

Our Classic Mojito combines a healthy dose of Luxe Brew’s “1667” white rum, fresh mint flavour and refreshing Lime
juice, skilfully balanced by the addition of Australian sugar.

Enjoy tall in an ice filled glass.

Top with soda and garnish with a wedge of lime and a sprig of mint

Mojito 750 V1.png

19.7% ABV



Arguably one of the world’s most popular cocktails, our Classic cosmopolitan finds its roots in the 1980’s original
style with a twist.

We combine our “North Star” vodka with bright zesty lime juice, clean dry cranberry juice and our Luxe Brew burnt
orange liqueur.

Serve shaken in a martini glass with a lime twist or a flamed orange zest.

Cosmo 750.png


24% ABV

margarita (2).png

We have taken the classic Margarita blend of Tequila, orange liqueur, fresh zesty lime juice and infused it with our
unique Australian Finger Lime liqueur.

The result is as intriguing as it is refreshing.

Enjoy one of our favourite drinks in a martini glass, blended with ice or on the rocks.

FL Margarita 750 V1.png


17% ABV


Smooth and sexy.

Always a favourite, our porn star martini is a coming together of our “North Star” vodka blended with Luxe Brew passionfruit and Vanilla liqueurs, zingy passionfruit Juice and a dash of lime juice.

Garnish with half a passionfruit float and serve with a shot of Prosecco on the side.

Pornstar 750 V1.png


21.7% ABV

bramble (1).png

Our Berry Bramble is a twist on the traditional bramble cocktail.

We take a healthy dose of our “Style 3” gin and accompany it with our Raspberry and blackberry liqueurs, round these out with our signature Bramble juice mix and add a balanced shot of zesty lemon juice.

Build over crushed ice and garnish with a lemon twist and whole blackberries.

Bramble 750 (1) copy.png


15.5% ABV


Our passionfruit Caipirinha is strong smooth and incredibly refreshing.

We take a double dose of our “1667 rum” adding in punchy lime juice, passionfruit pulp and round this out with Australian cane sugar.


Build over crushed ice and garnish with 2 wedges of lime  top with passionfruit pulp.

Caipirinha 750 V1.png


13% ABV

Tropically sweet yet rich and complex on the palate, we bring you the classic cocktail made famous by the Raffles hotel in Singapore. 


Staying true to the original recipe we add to our “style 3” gin and blend of orange, cherry and honey spiced liqueurs.We then introduce fragrant pineapple, zesty lime and just a touch of bitters.


Enjoy shaken and served over ice in a highball glass.

Sing Sling 750 V1.png
Mai Tai 750 (1) copy.png


24% ABV


The Quintessential Hawaiian cocktail that provokes the feeling of sun filled island holidays.
Fresh and vibrant our classic Mai Tai combines a healthy dose our “1667” rum, orange liqueur, zesty pineapple juice, a squeeze of lime juice and our Luxe Brew premium orgeat syrup. 
Enjoy shaken and served
over ice in a highball glass.